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A New Kind of Health


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Sterling Family Practice (SFP) has been serving our community since 1996. Our Mission is to provide our patients with compassionate, personalized, innovative, and high quality health care to the whole family.  A new kind of Health !

21135 Whitfield Plaza Suite 107, Sterling, VA 20165 703-421-7000

Sterling Family Practice has been serving our community since 1996.


 Are you suffering from chronic pain and have tried different medical procedures and found no relief? Have you tried PROLOZONE® and OZONE THERAPY?


Dr. Fletcher is pleased to offer Prolozone® and Ozone therapy as part of her practice of treating painful musculoskeletal conditions. Click here


Tzvia Schwetzer - Certified Massage Therapist

She offers Therapeutic Massage with Aromatherapy


Michele Skipper - Certified NES Practitioner


What is NES? Total wellness system it's a powerful way to facilitate profound changes in your overall well being. This is an energetic approach to total wellness!



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