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September 23, 2021


Measles Evaluation for Pediatrics and Adults



Measles is the most contagious infection and is spread by airborne droplets that can stay in the air for up to 2 hours. Symptoms include cough, runny nose, pink eye and fevers (usually high grade to 105) followed by a morbilliform erythematous rash that starts on the forehead and progresses down the rest of the body.


Persons with measles are contagious for 4 days prior to rash until 4 days after rash starts.

All suspected measles cases REQUIRE negative pressure AIRBORNE isolation!


When to Suspect Measles:

Unvaccinated for measles, international travel, known exposure to measles Patient with fever with at least one of the following: runny nose, cough, pink eye, maculopapular erythematous rash that starts
on the head and progresses caudally and includes the palms/soles



If the patient does not warrant hospitalization, appropriate evaluation and testing can be performed in coordination with Infectious Diseases Physician/Infection Preventionist/local department of health and then discharged with strict isolation instructions.


Please provide instructions for patients awaiting test results or confirmed positive.  If repeat medical care needed, please call in advance and alert medical facility of status of measles evaluation.

Suspected measles cases should go into negative pressure airborne isolation Transport from ED to floor negative pressure room with airborne isolation: must place mask on patient, no lingering, no stop-offs ED/hospitalist to discuss case with Infectious Diseases Physician to determine if meets case definition Testing for measles will be determined on a case by case basis in consultation with ID and local health department.  Local health department approval required for all measles testing.



February 22, 2021


Hello! Sterling Family Practice has some great news to share!


Please welcome the newest member of our team, Stefanie Jennings, NP-C she is trained in Family Medicine as well as working on her Functional Medicine Certification. Please see her bio under Our Providers page.


As many of you have heard, we are transitioning out of the larger organization of Loudoun Medical Group to a small privately owned practice owned solely by Dr. Fletcher,. Over the next several weeks we will be transitioning electronic medical records, phone systems, etc.--so please bear with us as the dust settles.


The patient portal will not be accessible for a few weeks, so if you have any questions or are looking for lab results that were drawn more than two weeks ago, prescription refills, please send an email to


We continue to participate with several insurance companies; however, we will no longer be an
in-network provider with Aetna.


We will kept our website updated with new changes as they arise.


 Thank you for being our dedicated patients. We continue to strive to provide excellent care and we love and appreciate you all!



Sterling Family Practice.




March 12, 2020

Click HERE for update regarding Coronavirus/COVID.



It has been determined that an update was made in Cigna’s system and a customer service representative erroneously entered a termination date for SFP/LMG Providers and caused a termination letter to be sent to all Cignas recipient. Cigna is working on resolving this issue.


Sterling Family Practice has been and continues to participate with Cigna. Please ignore if you received a letter conveying otherwise


Try our new patient Kiosk

to check in, it will reduce the amount of time you will spend in checking in.


Exciting changes happening at SFP for 2019!

Congratulations to Cynthia Yew, NP for becoming the latest of our providers to become a certified Functional Medicine Provider through the Institute of Functional Medicine!   With the start of the new year, there are several announcements we need to share!


Dr. Fletcher will now return to the insurance world and begin seeing patients under insurance.  She will not be able to see Medicare patients until next year when her contract with Medicare is reinstated.     Dr. Fletcher is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine.  She will continue to offer her manual therapy under insurance coverage and her alternative therapies on a cash basis.



Our ability to do tele-visits is now available!  These visits are helpful in reviewing test results and for acute visits where a detailed physical exam is not needed.  We are able to bill your insurance company for these visits based on the time spent in the visit.  Please call the front desk for more details and available appointments.


IV Services

With cold and flu season among us, we want to remind you that Caitlin in our IV center is ready and available to give IV infusions of Vitamin C, Myers' Cocktails, Ozone, and UV Light  among other things to keep you healthy through the season.


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